Omkareshwar Mandir, Madhya Pradesh


Located on an island shaped like the Hindu spiritual symbol Om, Omkareshwar Temple is situated in the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh. One of the popular pilgrimage destinations of India, this temple is a five storeyed building that encloses the seats of different Hindu deities other than the presiding deity Lord Omkareshwar.

The deity is worshipped here three times a day by different priests instead of the same temple head performing it at all three times. The morning worship is done by the temple trust, the Puja at mid day is done by the priest of Scindia state while the evening one is performed by the priest of the Holkar state.

The idol of Lord Omkareshwar is three-headed and its appearance is backed by significant mythologies. To see the most colourful face of this temple, tourists should travel here on Monday or during Shravana, the fifth month of the Hindu calendar.

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