Our Mission

Lord Shiva has been known to uplift
the most despondent out of misery and wretchedness.

Our Mission

Lord Shiva has been known to uplift the most despondent out of misery and wretchedness. He has taught us that the key to the cycle of life, death, after life, pain, misery, joy, sorrow, wealth and penury is the cycle itself. He owns us as we own him. We see him, feel him, hear him, love him and obey him.

Which is why, we have set out on a mission to enlighten, empower and uplift those who want to unite their mortal being with Him. We look forward to healing the world by empathizing with each human’s pain as if it were ours, so that we can alleviate His sufferings.

As devout believers of the Highest Supreme Shiva, we want to disseminate knowledge that is synonymous with the most feared, loved, revered, respected and mysterious Guru, who can lead millions out of misery and helplessness, and steer them to light and forbearance.

How will we do it?

We will become Lord Shiva’s mouthpiece and bring answers that are contemporary and relevant yesterday, today, and forever. By sourcing resources about Shiva’s teachings, philosophies and life lessons from the most authentic and revered texts, we want to take you on a journey of knowledge that will enrich your life. We want to spread his teachings across barriers of geography, language, faith, religion, culture, values and opinions. Our aim is to conduct workshops, seminars, interactions and healing sessions, so that His comforting and redeeming words can reach the most downtrodden, neglected and ostracized.

This is not merely a movement, for He is already The Movement. We are merely dissipating light hidden underneath the ignorance of those who until now, have remained untouched by the might, affection and grace of our supreme Lord Shiva.

We also intend to execute various welfare activities by the virtue of our trust – XYZ. These activities, like our Guru, do not differentiate on basis of caste, creed, geography or religion. Lord Shiva is not a reflection of elements of the world but he is the world himself. Like a flowing river and a laden tree – we do not see the sinner as different from the saint. We empathize, empower and redeem each one alike. Hunger, education, upliftment of the marginalized, animal care, environment – we are a reflection of everything that he is. If you know someone who is in need – reach out to us.