The relevance of Shaivism in our lives

“He is all and everything. He is the universe.”   

The universality and relevance of Lord Shiva cannot be overstated; He has been a revered deity since time immemorial. Shiva is not just a cultural or religious icon, but a manifestation of the higher truth. He has always been relevant to all of us, and his teachings have aided the awakening of our consciousness for centuries, paving the way to self-awareness beyond mortal limitations.

Shaivism contains some of the world’s most sophisticated philosophies that are relevant across time. From detailed texts on the universe, and karma, to the cycle of life and death, and more, Shaivism covers all fundamental aspects of our life.

Shaivism-based Science teachings cover medicine and healing in a way that no other philosophy does. The most significant Shaivite medical teaching is Ayurveda, which has gained renewed prominence now, but has been relevant to medicine since ages. Shaivism also greatly influences mental health practices, enlisting an array of approaches such as yoga, meditation and chanting that not only relax your mind, but also lead you to the highest self-realisation.

Another very important role that Shaivism plays in our life is how it influences concepts of modern Physics. Did you know that many physicists have published writings on the equivalence between core concepts in modern physics and Shaivism?

If you are familiar with Shiva’s dance of fire, you must also know that it symbolises the process through which the entire universe is created and dissolved every moment. This exercise of creation in Shaivism, and its various aspects, has been known to be consistent with laws of thermodynamics.

Logic and scientific rationality abound in Shaivite teachings, and they act as a guide for modern-day physicists who have only just begun to scratch the surface of the realm of the unknown.

Shaivism has also helped humankind attain immense cultural refinement

Shaivism has also helped humankind attain immense cultural refinement, and continues to do so. As an icon of art and culture in India, Shiva and his teachings have heralded a legacy of beautiful poetry, music, and dance. Moreover, magnificent temples dedicated to Lord Shiva continue to serve as a beacon of light to guide our architectural sense. It is impossible to understand our heritage without making space for Shiva and his timeless teachings.

Even if we look at Shiva in different forms, and call him by various names, He personifies the same things for all – that of inner strength that comes from our eternal connection to the cosmic. Getting in touch with this reserve of strength can help us all deal with the various challenges of our times, and provide answers that will remain relevant for future generations as well.

For He is the original Guru of the world, spreading the gift of awareness, enquiry and knowledge